A Local Shanghainese Food Tour

“It’s hard to be a tourist in China. For one, you are primed to expect one of the world’s greatest cuisines, but the language barrier means that most of it is probably inaccessible. There is no great guide to eating in this country, or even in this city, and it’s hard to know who to trust. In this absence, unreliable websites like TripAdvisor and misguided books like Lonely Planet assume outsize influence. Underpaid or underinformed writers tread on the safest ground, rehashing the recommendations of ten or twenty years before, and so one ends up with restaurants…which has little going for it other than an English menu and an English-speaking staff.” — Christopher St. Cavish

While I cannot agree that Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor are completely misguided and unreliable, they are somewhat white washed. A quick look at TripAdvisor’s 10 best restaurants in Shanghai and you’ll notice that there is only one Chinese restaurant, and that’s in the Ritz-Carlton. Something similar goes for Lonely Planet; its Chinese restaurant suggestions are primarily places of great extravagance and hence cost–not the kind of place your local Shanghainese would eat on a typical weekend.

Approximate Route of the Tour
Some of the food you’ll have along the way!

Stop 1: Soup Dumplings at Lailai or Jiajia

Address: 天津路504号 | 504 TianJin Rd (LaiLai), 黄河路90号 | 90 HuangHe Rd (Jiajia)

Left: JiajiaTangBao Right: LailaiXiaoLong
Left: Jiajia’s Soup Dumplings Right: Lailai’s Crab Soup Dumplings
Lailai’s Crab Soup Dumpling

Stops 2 and 3: Shengjianbao at XiaoYangShengJian and DongTaiXiang

Address: 黄河路97号 | 97 HuangHe Rd (XiaoYang), 重庆北路188号 | 188 N. ChongQing Rd (DongTaiXiang)

Variety Plate ShengJianBao with Hot and Sour Pork Intestine Soup from XiaoYangShengJian
ShengJianBao from DongTaiXiang

Stop 4: Noodles at WeiXiangZhai

Address: 雁荡路14号 | 14 YanDang Rd

MaJiangMian and LaJiangJiao with a Vita Lemon Tea

Stop 5: Ice Cream at LaoDaChang

Address: 淮海中路558号 | 558 HuaiHai Middle Rd

Walnut Ice Cream from LaoDaChang

Stop 6: Mooncakes at GuangMingCun

Address: 淮海中路588号 | 588 HuaiHai Middle Rd

Meat Mooncakes from GuangMingCun



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